How to Kick Start Your Career as a Sales Expert

So you’ve decided to make a career as a salesperson. You want to be the best there is in this field, and you’re looking for help to get there. You have asked seasoned salespeople for advice, but they haven’t been very helpful. Why?

Well, many expert sales people will tell you they just “fell into” the job or “worked into” the job. They most likely had other career aspirations and took a sales job just to get by. Then they look up one day and find themselves considered an expert sales person. Some will tell you that a good sales person can sell anything from biscuit dough to car tires. Meaning it’s not about knowing the product as much as it is just knowing how to sell.

While it is true that a good salesperson has a technique that will work with any product or service, there are many things that the beginner sales person needs to learn in order to survive and thrive in their first year of salesmanship. The most important tool you can have is your ears. Listening is important just as much as talking when trying to make a sale. Sales Expert Executive Recruiters offers you great tips on surviving and thriving your first year in sales:

Make a Difference Not Just a Sale

You can make a difference by not being just a salesperson. Become your customer’s partner, a part of their team. Listen to the problems and troubles your customers are having, then help them find a solution. Chances are whatever you are selling can be found anywhere, but finding a team player with answer is rare.

Learn From The Wisdom of Others

No matter how much you know about a product, service or the sales industry, there will always be somebody that knows more. They could be in your company, a vendor, even a competitor. Finding a mentor that you can learn from will be invaluable throughout your sales career.

Believe In and Learn Your Product or Service

If you wouldn’t buy the product or service yourself, how are you going to sell it? Before you make that first sales call, be honest with yourself and answer the question: “Would I buy this?” If you wouldn’t, then you need to find a product or service that you believe in and that you would buy.

Know Your Market and Acknowledge The Conditions

When you start off in sales, rejections are inevitable, know this and be prepared. No matter how well the economy is for the industry you’re selling within people will reject your offer. Then when the economy is bad, the rejections come more and are even tougher. This will be the hardest part of your career in sales – rejection. You have to keep your spirit up, stay positive and keep being motivated. Look around you and you’ll probably see that your competitor is hitting hard times too and so are other industries. If they aren’t, then you definitely need to look at yourself closer and ask yourself two questions: “Would I buy this? From me?”.

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